We regret that Classic Marques Sports Car Club has not been able to offer championship rounds during the first half of 2020 sprint season owing to the national lockdown caused by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Further, the rules and regulations announced by Motorsport UK on the 18th May on behalf of HM Government make it extremely difficult for organising clubs to run events which are safe and financially viable hence many 2020 championships have already been cancelled or voided.

There are many pressures on organising clubs ranging from the dependence upon spectators for revenues, to the safety of club officials (many of whom are 70 or older), and the safety of competitors in relation to “hands-off” scrutineering and the non physical intervention of marshals in the event of incidents at events. An added blow to club revenues is the reduction of entrants to allow competitors sufficient space to observe social distancing.

During the second half of the year it may be possible to recommend events for Classic Marques members but, at this stage we await developments to see whether a CM championship can be offered which complies with current government legislation. If this is not possible, the championship will be officially cancelled for 2020 so as to avoid any doubt.

We will keep you updated and look forward to seeing you as soon as we are able to get together again safely.

Stay safe.

Steve Cox, Chairman

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