Classic Marques

Classic Marques Speed Challenge

Classic Marques Sports Car Club is for drivers of sports cars and sports saloon cars who wish to sprint and hillclimb FAIRLY on handicap at the best race tracks and hill climbs in the country.


CMSCC will host and run a speed series called Classic Marques Speed Challenge, which will be as fair as possible with the algorithm (based on power, weight and tyres) tuned and improved on an annual basis.

The Classic Marques Speed Challenge will invite sports and sports saloon cars manufactured in the UK, Europe and Japan.

Classic Marques Sports Car Club will actively encourage young people to get involved or participate directly in motor sport.
CMSCC is sports car club run BY sports car drivers FOR sports car drivers.

2024 Classic Marques Committee

1. Bob Adams – President and Competition Secretary

2. Noor Ali – Chairman and Events Coordinator

3. Brian Marshall – Vice Chairman and Webmaster

4. Ian Beningfield – Treasurer and Charity Coordinator

5. Jonathan Plowe – Club Secretary and Environmental Officer

6. Matt Eady – Membership Secretary

7. Kate Neal – Press Officer and Awards Dinner Coordinator

8. Martin Rowe – You Tube Master and Northern Events Coordinator

9. Roger Fish – Oily Rag ‘Editor in Chief’

10. Steve Cork – Oily Rag Deputy Editor and Championship Regulations Editor

11. Emma Ali – Female Competitors Representative and Safeguarding Officer

12. Keith Weller – Championship Coordinator