Club Ethos

The Classic Marques Sports Car Club is for drivers of rear-wheel-drive sports cars and sports saloon cars who wish to compete fairly in the Speed disciplines of hillclimb and sprint.

The CMSCC will host and run a Speed series called the Classic Marques Speed Challenge, which uses an algorithm based on factors such as power, weight, tyre type and driver aids to ensure as fair a competition as possible.

Each year, cars as diverse as Morgans, MGs, Triumphs, Hondas, Mazdas and Porsches battle it out, with multiple drivers and cars closely matched for success at the top of the table.

Our status as one of the UK’s most established Speed Championships means that we are welcome at some of the best racetracks and hillclimb venues in the country.

As well as fairness, the Classic Marques Speed Challenge prides itself on being one of the friendliest series, with no class structure set by capacity or modification you will be paddocked together at almost all events, building the best camaraderie in the UK.

Social events and a superb Annual Awards Dinner reinforce that whilst competition is tight, there is much fun to be had together.

We are often asked why is the club only for sports cars and sports saloons?
These vehicles represent a dying breed; as an example, even some of the top selling sports cars in the World are currently only selling 10,000 – 20,000 units globally per year, a tiny fraction of overall car production.

In addition, as older sports cars and sports saloons increase in value fewer owners choose to compete in them, therefore Classic Marques has become home for enthusiastic drivers of Ginettas, Morgans, TVRs, sporting Reliants, Triumphs and others as their marque series have dwindled in size.

Our aim is to give these fantastic cars a home to enter great events and compete on an even playing field for many years to come.